We were absolutely honored to be a part of Women Helping Women's 18th Annual Fundraiser. The theme this year could not have been more empowering and appropriate--be your own Superhero. Living in a society that has struggled with its ability to view all humans equally and demand equality and universal respect, it is so important to realize and share the sentiment that we all have the innate right and ability to be our own superheroes. 

The night included moving speeches by Leona Rocha-Wilson and Melissa Padilla, as well as a heart-melting video created by Ohana Films. There was so much emotion, sincerity, and strength coursing through the words and sentiments of the women who shared their stories that evening. In the video, the question of what it means to be a superhero was answered with words like courage and action. We often think of a superhero as someone with a cape and  super-human qualities, but what the women said hit home. We all have a superhero inside of us. We just might not recognize our own internal power until we are faced with a moment when we have to use it.

We all have the qualities within us to be our very own superheroes. 

The event included a silent auction, buffet dinner, and entertainment by Liz Morales of Ahumanu and Shea Derrick & full flavor and The Kit Kat Club dancers. The theme-inspired table designs created by countless volunteers were astounding. There was so much creativity and fun that clearly went in to each and every table design. The vivacity did not stop at the table designs. Thanks to Strike A Pose Maui, every superhero at the event had the opportunity for their photo booth five minutes of fame. It was truly such a special night. Each and every person at the event was there in support of love, equality, and the respect and safety of women, and it was such a joy to see so many people coming together for such a worthy cause. 

We are truly blessed to have Women Helping Women here on this island, and a big reason for this organization's success is due to our personal superhero, Stacey Moniz. Stacey, Women Helping Women's executive director, continues to be a powerful inspiration in our community. She has selflessly supported those who have suffered from abuse, and continues to be a fierce and passionate beacon of hope for anyone who has encountered emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. We love you, Stacey, you are truly a superhero!

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A Big Mahalo to Our Vendors:

Women Helping Women Executive Director Stacey Moniz

Entertainment by: Liz Morales of Ahumanu and Shea Derrick & full flavor

and The Kit Kat Club Dancers

Lighting by: Rio Event Design

Photo Booth by: Strike A Pose Maui

Videography by: Ohana Films

Speaking by: Leona Rocha-Wilson and Melissa Padilla

Written by: Nicole Rosen