With frothy waves crashing against soft sand dunes under dreamy purple and pink skies, you couldn't find a more romantic venue for your nuptials than the beach!

If you are a lucky beach bride, your wedding is bound to be exciting and memorable. However, planning your bridal look for this venue presents its unique set of challenges. The salty air, windy weather and sandy turf make it necessary to pay close attention to what you wear, so you look and feel your best on this special day.  

The bridal team from Best for Bride from Canada, outlines the different steps to create the perfect beach bridal look for your big day.  

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Dmitri and Sandra Photography

First choose the theme

The nautical location with its casual vibe, inspires a wide range of wedding themes. Nevertheless, beach weddings are generally more relaxed than other wedding styles. So, choose your wedding theme as the first step to create your bridal look. Decide whether you will include just few nautical touches at the wedding or incorporate the beach into your wedding in a big way. Also decide on the colors to highlight at your wedding, as this information will help you pick the best accents to tie your look to the location.


Find a dress that looks great but is practical as well

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Anna Kim Photography

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Anna Kim Photography

Irrespective of the wedding location, every bride deserves to find a dress that she loves. However, when the venue is the beach, practical aspects warrant extra attention. Choose light, airy, breathable fabrics so you feel comfortable in the outdoors. Chiffon, charmeuse and tulle are better suited to this venue than satin or silk. When you choose dress features, it is best to avoid heavy and long trains. You will not only find it difficult to move in them, but the dress may also get soiled easily. Also remember that simple styles like the A-line, fit and flare or sheath are more convenient than heavy silhouettes like the ball gown.  


Choose a suitable hairstyle

Once your dress selection is out of the way, it is time to tackle hair and makeup. Keep factors like the wind and humidity in mind when choosing your hairstyle. The best hairstyles are those that look soft and natural. If you intend to leave your hair down, remember that it will not be easy to manage in the wind. There are chances it will obscure your face in photographs. Hence it is better to secure your hair in an updo or braided hairstyle. Loose updos with soft curls look naturally elegant, and are suitable for windy days on the beach. Decorate your hairstyle with flowers, hair clips with nautical elements like starfish, corals or pearls or find a suitable headband for extra charm. For more tips on choosing the right hairstyle for your beach wedding, visit this article on the Destination Wedding blog.


Do your makeup right

One of the biggest challenges with choosing makeup for your beach wedding is ensuring it stays on despite the humidity. Since you will naturally perspire in the outdoor environment, choose waterproof makeup so it lasts longer. Keep your eye makeup simple, so you needn't worry much about teary eyes from windy weather or feeling emotional. Water resistant eye liner and mascara don't smudge easily, and are perfect. Don't forget to wear sunscreen, and blend it in well. Most of your photos will be taken in natural light. So, try to keep your makeup natural and simple. Avoid glitter and fake tans, since these do not translate well in photos. After applying makeup, use loose or pressed powder to set it. Finally, it is a good idea to apply some setting spray at the end. This will let your makeup stay on longer.  


Complete your look with gorgeous accessories

The right jewelry will enhance and tie your bridal look to the theme. Pearl jewelry is perfect for a beautiful wedding on the beach. For a bright pop of color, choose jewelry embellished with turquoise, corals or other natural gemstones that match the theme. When choosing accessories, remember to balance it with the details on your dress. Avoid cluttering up your look with too many pieces. Stick to one or two statement jewelry pieces and complete the look with simple, dainty pieces for the rest. Finally, choose your hair accessory. Flower crowns, headbands and stylish birdcage veils are all great options to look at.

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Anna Kim Photography

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Anna Kim Photography

Pay attention to finding the right footwear

High heels are simply impractical on the beach. However, you have plenty of other options like sandals with embellishments, fringes or fun prints. To keep it simple, go for a strappy, shimmery pair of shoes. Or go barefoot if that is what you prefer. And use this golden opportunity to dress up your feet with pretty accessories like fashionable embellished anklets and toe rings.


Don't forget your emergency kit

Make sure you carry an emergency kit with all your hair and makeup essentials. This will allow you to touch up your makeup and freshen your hairstyle at regular intervals, so you look good throughout the day. It should also contain tissues, talcum powder and safety pins. This kit will come to your rescue, if you need any emergency supplies to repair any last-minute accidents. For more information on what your emergency kit should contain, take a look at this article on the Knot.

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Caprice Nicole Photography

Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events // Caprice Nicole Photography

Blog by: Nicole Rosen of Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events

Bliss Wedding Photography by: Anna Kim Photography, Caprice Nicole Photography, Dmitri and Sandra Photography, Maui Maka Photography

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