A Maui Beach Wedding

A wedding on Maui should be nothing short of spectacular. The ocean sparkling like a million diamonds thrown at the sky, coral and lava rock creating a perfect backdrop, the sounds of waves crashing on the shore... it's exhilarating, and your ceremony should be as well.

Bliss beach weddings are stylish and romantic affairs. As professional Maui wedding planners, we have designed and planned our Maui beach weddings keeping simplicity in mind. We stray away from anything "cheesy" and focus on the beauty of our surroundings and Hawaiian culture. Starting with the platform investment that includes all the basics, you'll find everything you need. From this, the design is all yours. We have created an a la carte menu that enables you to design exactly the moment that you've always longed for. We use only the top professionals on the island. These are the same professionals that we use for our larger events, professionals who love what they do, are great at it, and that  treat every couple like their only client for a unique Maui beach wedding experience.